Thursday, 7 February 2013

Pennies for Pups

Here in Canada the government is fading out the penny.  Stores will no longer take these little coins so what in the world can you do with them?  Well, we are starting a new fundraising campaign and collecting as many pennies as we can.  We would like to fill a large water jug with pennies and then have a rolling party.  We have some donated penny wrappers and now we just need some donated pennies.

What will we do with the pennies?

The pennies we collect will be counted and rolled and then taken to the bank to deposit into Jedi and Griffin's trust fund.  Yes, the pups have a bank account!  We are keeping all money seperate for the pups and using their account to purchase things we need for them.  For example, we already need new Kongs for the pups.  These labs have power jaws and a Kong filled with treats really satisfy their chewing needs.  We are also saving up for the spay and neuter that will need to be done when the pups get a bit older.  We just purchased a new grooming table which is such a wonderful tool to have.  This table was purchased out of our own money because our fundraised money is running a little low right now.  

Please don't throw out those beautiful pennies... we would be thrilled to take them off your hands.  There is no need to roll them since we are going to have a rolling party with local friends and family once we fill our large water jug.

Sienna has been nominated as the official penny dropper.  She LOVES the sound a penny makes when it drops into a bottle.  Right now the bottle is empty.  Do you have any pennies kicking around that you'd like to donate to Pennies for Pups?

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Goodnight Dad

I haven't had an update in a while and I apologize for that.  Things have been quite busy over here.  The pups have grown incredibly and I will post pictures and updates soon.
  I would like to take a moment to say goodbye to my Dad today.  Sidney GEORGE Fredrick COOPER, my dad, died last Friday very suddenly.  It has been quite the shock and the last week has gone by in such a blur.

I didn't get a lot of time with my father but the time I did have was very magical.  He taught me a lot over the years, things I am so thankful for.  I'll always remember the trip to Ottawa that we took, to the Children's Hospital with Asia and Sienna.  He sat there in the waiting room next to a special-needs child who was quite loud.  He never stared, he never made comments, all he did was smile at that child.  Everyone else in that room ignored the child or stared...Dad shared a smile with that child.  He didn't judge.  He just did his own thing and moved forward in his life.  We got lost on the way home that day and I was getting nervous because I had 2 children with seizures in the car and no idea where we were.  Dad's words were very comforting, "Don't worry, nobody's ever been lost forever". This made us both laugh.
  Then there were the memories of my dad in his shop riding around on a bicycle with no tires, just rims, with me perched on his lap.  He'd sing, "It's a Long way to Piccadily" over and over.  That was a very long time ago.  I have other just as important memories like when he fell through the ice on Lake Ontario and pretended that he wasn't cold as we took the almost mile walk back home.  He was brave even though he must have been afraid that day.  He went right under the ice and had trouble finding the hole to get back up.  Now that I'm an adult I can only imagine how scary that must have been with me, barely 7, standing there watching him under the ice. 
  I wish that I had more time with my dad but it was just never in the cards.  I will miss is sense of humour, his compassion, and his apple pie.  Rest well Dad, I have missed you for many years but never more than I do now.