Saturday, 23 March 2013

Trainer Fears

One thing that puppy raisers and service dog trainers have to do is socialize the pup they are working with to many different people and situations. It's fun to take a pup out and experience the world through their eyes, but it can be a bit stressful and worrisome for the trainer at times. No situation with a dog is 100% predictable. You don't know who you will meet or what you will see when you are out and especially when the outing is a "first" it can create some trainer anxiety. I don't often experience anxiety when working with dogs but I was a bit concerned when I took Jedi out to the pool the other day. Here I was with a 6 month old lab, a water dog. She LOVES water and she was going to be challenged right in front of more water than she has ever seen. She was expected to sit and stay or lie down and stay and wait for the splashing children to play in the water. I played it over in my head and decided what I would do if she barked, if she pulled towards the pool, or if she *gasp* pee'd on the floor. (since the sound of water can be a trigger for that kind of thing) I went prepared. Ready to deal with any situation. I knew she was ready but there is always that tiny bit of concern that things might not go as planned. I knew that Queen's University was large and that once we were at the pool that it would take some time to get out of the building for Jedi to pee if needed. I hoped that if she did need to go that we wouldn't get lost trying to leave the building. LOL Well, this outing really went as perfect as it could. There were no accidents, no pulling, absolutely no barking or whining. Jedi was perfect and I won't have an ounce of anxiety taking her to the pool again. She lay in a down-stay most of the time and even ignored the chocolate lab service dog that was also there. I couldn't be prouder of little Jedi. She conquered a pool, the sounds, the smells, the elevator, the stairs, whistles that the lifeguard blew, and balls from the dodgeball game that was going on. Everything was very interesting to her but the most important thing to her was pleasing me. She made sure to keep me at her side and her eyes were kept on Sienna. Jedi is true service dog worthy. She is doing a fabulous job with her training and takes away all of my trainer worries. It is such a pleasure to work with such a smart pup.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Raising Funds for the Pups

We need to start raising some money to help pay for Jedi and Griffin's spay and neuter, as well as some training equipment that we need.  Please share our fundraising page and help us raise the needed funds. Thank you in advance.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Product Review- Chomper Mongoose

As most people know, puppies CHEW.  They chew everything in their path.  Some dogs chew more than others and it's the owners responsibility to choose durable and safe toys that fill the chewing urge in puppies and dogs.
  Jedi and Griffin have tested multiple toys and usually we have to replace toys every month or so.  Yes, even the tough Kongs have had to be replaced.

Well, a few months ago Jedi and Griffin went to their favourite pet supply store Urban Paws here in Kingston and we found a new kind of stuffable dog toy.  It works just like the other popular tough-toys except that it's even better. I know, how could it be better than the wonderful Kong?  Well, first of all it is designed with a lovely flat bottom so that it doesn't roll away while you are trying to stuff it.  It's called a Mongoose and it is made by Chompers.  Jedi and Griffin have chomped these Mongoose toys for almost 3 months now and there is not even a bite mark.  Each day we fill them with peanut butter, freeze them and then they get one during the day to sooth their little teething mouths and to satisfy their natural chewing needs.
After realizing that The Mongoose by Chomper is the cream of the crop, the cherry on top, the best, most durable toy out there.... I visited their website to learn a little bit more about them.  I was THRILLED to see that they also have other toys that I have never even seen.  I am hoping that Urban Paws will bring in more of the Chomper products so that Jedi and Griffin can try those as well.  Finding a tough chew toy really is great because we were spending a lot of money having to replace the alternate brand of "tough Stuff toys".

Chomper's Mongoose Dog Toys are Jedi and Griffin APPROVED

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Happy 16th Birthday Asia

I can't believe that Asia is 16!  It's almost unbelievable!  16 years ago I was introduced to seizures, hospitals, and doctors.  I think I learned more in the first few years of Asia's life than I ever did.  I watched my daughter in a coma, I watched her struggle to breath, I watched her breathing slow and her little body seize.  I also witnessed nursing grabbing my sweet baby out of my arms and running, full speed, down the hall to ICU.  I've seen the tonic clonic seizures, the complex partial seizures, the absent seizures, you name it, I've seen it probably 1000 times over.  16 years ago was The Beginning.  The beginning of my life as it is now.

As we celebrate Asia today I can't imagine my life any different.  Yes, the seizures are no fun, but without them I wouldn't have gotten into training dogs.  Without these seizures I would never have met some special mamas, Jennifer and Allison.  The bad brought the good.  Here I am, 16 years later celebrating Asia's 16th.  16 years ago we said goodbye to our baby, since the doctors were sure she wasn't going to make it through the night.  Here she is..beating all odds.  Way to go Asia.  Happy 16th Birthday beautiful girl.  Enjoy your new camera.  Show the world your life through that lens.  Show the world your strength and fighting power.  Most of all, never give up.  You are stronger than those seizures and migraines.  We love you!