Sunday, 13 January 2013

Wonderful Training Today

There's always something special about taking a pup out on his/her first trip to stores.  I love the reactions a pup gets as she prances around the store in the heel position wearing a "Service Dog in Training" jacket that is miles too big.  There is something about a dog that changes people.  It turns grumpy people happy, it puts a smile on the most unexpected face, and just brings joy to everyone young and old.  This was my experience today.  How many times have you gone to the pharmacy and seen the people working there sitting right down on the floor?  Dogs bring people to the floor.

In a coffee shop the usual scene is a line-up of people waiting for their drinks, looking down texting or checking Facebook.  Rarely do we get to know the names of the neighbours in line.  Today Jedi entered Starbucks for the first time.  8 people were in line and each of them turned around and smiled at Jedi.  Many of them asked me questions about her.  It was our lucky day today because in line there were two fully-uniformed paramedics.  Jedi got to meet some heroes today.  They ordered their drinks and stood aside and waited for me.  They both introduced themselves to me and allowed me to take their picture with Jedi.  What a lovely outing for this pup in training.  She not only experienced shopping carts, wet floor signs, people, kids, smells, but she also made people smile. A gift that only a dog seems to be able to do.
Today Jedi did so well with her first "real" social training.  She enjoyed everyone and showed no signs of fear at all.  I walked her through the smelly fish area at Loblaws and she stayed focused on me even through the smell.  Dogs are such a gift to humans.  They change the aura of society and help people smile more.  Have you hugged a dog today?

Friday, 11 January 2013

Dog Training for Funds

We have been so blessed by the help we have received for the purchase of Jedi and Griffin.  We have been amazed at the support we have been shown by local and not-so-local friends and family.  As you know, the cost of raising two service dogs in training is quite high and we would like to fundraise some more money to help pay for their next set of shots, Jedi's spay that will be done in June or July, and Griffin's neuter that will be done in September sometime. I have added a new "Chip-In" button along the right side of this page for people interested in helping out.

I have had a great deal of interest in my dog training abilities so I have decided to offer my dog training skills to local families for a reduced rate of $25 per hour visit.  As a student of Animal Behaviour College I have the skills to help in all different situations.  What I would like to do is book some sessions with local people and put the money into a seperate account for Jedi and Griffin needs.

We have had a great deal of difficult medical problems over the holidays and even though it's not good news to have these problems, there is a silver lining.  We did find out that Griffin has the ability to detect seizures before they happen.  As mentioned before, we were waiting to go to emergency and Asia starting telling me that Griffin was sniffing around her and whining.  I looked up to see what was going on and then Asia had a seizure.  The seizure was no fun but the joy I felt when I realized that we had chosen the right dog for Asia was overwhelming. I am confident that Jedi has the same abilities since we have seen nothing but gentle compassion from her towards Sienna.  She likes to stay near Sienna when Sienna isn't feeling well.  Watching these puppies grow and learn is such a joy!

If you are interested in booking my dog training services and you are located in the Kingston, ON area please email me at  I am only booking weekend in-home classes at this time because I work long hours during the week.  100% of the $25 per session goes to Griffin and Jedi.  Thank you for your support.

Have a tail-wagging weekend!

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Product Review Time

When training a dog it is important to have treats in three different categories.  Treats that they like, treats that they love, and treats that make them go crazy.  Usually the "like" treats are their regular kibble, the love treats are perhaps small pieces of cookie, and the "go crazy" treats are treats that really make their mouth water.  Having treats in 3 different categories helps teach the dog that certain behaviours pay better.  Slowly sitting brings on a small piece of kibble, quickly sitting may give a better tasting reward, and a quick sit with eye contact with the trainer gets the "go crazy" reward.  Well, we just found our "go crazy" reward for Griffin and Jedi.  I would like to introduce you to a new family-run business that runs out of Inverary, ON.  They have a website for ordering and I guarantee you will find your dog's "go crazy" treats for training.

We purchased dehydrated liver treats and snipped them into pea-sized training rewards.  The cookies are made from pumpkin and all of the treats at I Kiss My Dog are wheat-free.  We highly suggest that you purchase your dog treats at this "go crazy" company.

Thank you Lynda for the home delivery too!  Next time you get to meet the pups!